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3 Ways To Achieve Happiness While Living On An RV

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The most important goal of many humans is to achieve happiness. Some are able to be happy at all times without trying, while others have to work at it. One way people are achieving happiness is by selling all their possessions, their homes, and living on an RV full time. According to LifeOptimizer.com, in order to live a happy life, people must spend quality time with their family, appreciate nature, learn about themselves, focus only on the things they can control, and learn how to deal with problems. Living on an RV is the perfect way to do these things. Keep reading to learn 3 specific things you can do in order to achieve happiness while living on an RV:

1. See The Local Sights

One of the main reasons why people choose to live on an RV is to be able to tour the country. Keep discounted coupons and free passes in your wallet so you can see all the local sites at each stop you make. Having a limited budget shouldn't stop you from exploring the country. Consider joining camping clubs and purchasing State or National Park Passes for deep discounts on attractions. There are also thousands of discounts on RV parks, campgrounds, and attractions available through AAA and AARP.

There is no better way to learn about history than to see historical sites. Being in a historical location makes the event more "real" and may be more interesting than reading about it in a book or looking at pictures online. This is why many homeschooling families have decided to buy a rig and live on it full-time. There is no better education than to be physically there in the past, present, and future.

2. Make The Most Of Your Space

You'll have to get rid of the majority of your possessions if you've decided to sell your house and live in an RV full time. Some people find it hard to decide what has to go and what you can take with you. Only take what you love and what you'll need. And when you're on the road, really think about what you buy and bring into the RV. But freeing yourself of your needless possessions will make you feel free and happy.

If buying souvenirs makes you happy, buy food items, so when they are consumed, you'll have room for new ones. If you must have a souvenir you can keep, consider buying food in tins that can be re-used for something else.

Here are a few more space-saving tips from other full-time RVers:

  • Keep a laundry basket in the shower for dirty clothes. It can easily be moved out to use the shower. Close the shower curtain with the basket inside, and it's out of sight.

  • Use a small trash can that can fit easily under the sink, and can be pulled out and put in another place if needed.

  • Ditch the books, magazines, and newspapers and buy an eReader.

  • Use a manila envelope to store important papers, which can be stood up on the inside of an overhead cabinet without taking up much space.

  • Use baskets and plastic containers in the cabinet to store small items that would normally be kept in a drawer.

  • Use a small oblong basket hidden behind the chair to keep dog leashes, flashlights, and other often-used items close by, but out of site.

  • Add shelves to the bottom of the closet to increase the storage space for shoes and other items.

3. Stay Connected

The internet makes this very easy. Make sure you have a WiFi-enabled laptop so you can keep in contact with family and friends as much as possible. This will be a great help for you if you become homesick or feel lonely and isolated while on your travels. It also helps your family and friends feel better about you being far away because they can keep tabs on you. You may also want to set up a blog to record your adventures and share pictures of your travels. When you share your life with your family and friends, it will enhance your happiness and your family and friends will also see how happy you are and it will make them feel happier.

As you can see, you can live happily on an RV full time. Living on an RV can be the ultimate adventure and an amazing educational resource. But you also have to make sure you are living in an RV that's appropriate for your needs. Visit your local RV sales company and let them know what you're looking for and what you need in an RV and your salesperson will match you up with the perfect rig for you. Once you have the right rig, you can get out on the road and revel in the happiness you'll feel by living on an RV. For more information, contact RV Northwest, LLC or a similar company.