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Assisted Living: 3 Items Your Loved One Needs To Make Life Easier

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Many senior citizens are not aware of the latest trends. However, that doesn't mean that they couldn't benefit from some of them. If your loved one is currently in an assisted living facility or are you considering placing your elderly family member into a similar facility, you may want to consider a few items that will help make their daily lives easier while also helping them to improve their quality of life.

1. A Friendly, Helpful e-Reader

These gadgets are designed to be user-friendly. They are lightweight and make it easy on most seniors to read one of their favorite novels. There are literally thousands of books available and most titles can be downloaded at a nominal fee. It isn't uncommon for seniors to spend a lot of time reading. These e-Readers provide your loved ones with something to do while they are at the assisted living facility and there are no other activities to partake in.

2. A Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Most elderly individuals love to have their cup of Joe. In an assisted living facility, most seniors will reside in an apartment or space of their very own. Because of this, there is really no reason to make an entire pot of coffee in the morning or afternoon when only a single cup is going to be poured. Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a coffee maker that makes a single cup of gourmet coffee in just seconds. It's much easier than having to go to the cafeteria and much more economical than having to pour out over half a pot of old coffee.

Plus, these machines can be used for much more than coffee. In fact, your loved one can use it to brew a cup of their favorite tea or even hot chocolate. They make virtually no mess, which means that these machines are a practical solution for most seniors in assisted living facilities.

3. A Doorbell and Telephone Signaler

As people age, they tend to lose their hearing ability. They may lose their hearing completely or just enough to where it is hard to hear others when they are speaking. If your loved one has trouble hearing, you may want to consider a doorbell and telephone signaler. This signaler will flash a light when the telephone or doorbell rings. It makes it easier for your loved one to know when they have a visitor or are receiving a phone call. This can work very well in conjunction with your loved one's hearing aid, as they may not always have it in or turned up.

There are numerous gadgets that will help make the transition from home to assisted living easier on your loved one. These three are at the top of the list, though. If your loved one is struggling at home, it may be time to consider speaking to an administrator at a local assisted living facility.