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4 Ways To Impress Your Business Associates

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When you are in business, you want to always look your best and show your level of professionalism and expertise. If you are planning on meeting new business professionals or are going to entertain business associates during a business trip, these different tips will definitely help you impress them.

Overdress Instead of Underdress

If you aren't sure what the dress code is going to be lunch at a luncheon, conference, or business event, always dress up. The last thing you want to do is be wearing slacks and button-up shirt when the rest of the attendees are in suits and ties. While this may not seem like a big difference, impressing others with how you dress is a simple and effective way to show your high level of professionalism. When you are in doubt, a suit and tie is always a good option. For women, wear a nice blouse and pencil skirt or slacks, or you can also wear a suit.

Rent a Limo or Town Car

Instead of picking up your business associates for your meeting in your own vehicle, why not rent a limo or town car? Not only will the vehicle be in pristine condition, but you will be able to sit in the back seat with your colleagues so that you can chat or start your business meeting early. If you are renting a limo, there will be plenty of space in back to start going through business topics on the way to the country club, restaurant, golf course, or wherever else you are taking them. Check out a company like American Sedan Service next time a business associate comes to town.

Get Reservations

If you are planning to take business associates to a luncheon or out to dinner, take the time to make reservations. Even if the restaurant you chose doesn't usually get busy, this can really show you thought ahead and wanted to be sure you got a nice table. These small gestures make a big impact when trying to impress your colleagues, supervisors, or other business professionals you are dealing with.

Also keep in mind you don't need to choose the most expensive restaurant in town, but try to find one that is very well rated. If you can go to a restaurant you have been to before and are already familiar with, that is always ideal.

Be a Good Listener

During a business meeting, don't be the only one that talks. Listen to others and maintain eye contact and have a friendly disposition when they are speaking. Don't just listen impatiently waiting for your turn, but truly listen to them and absorb what they are saying. This lets them know you are truly interested in what they have to say.