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3 Reasons Your Child Should Take A Limo To Their Homecoming Dance

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Are you the parent of a high school student? Have they asked you to help them with preparations for their school's Homecoming dance? For some schools, the Homecoming dance can be almost as big and as important as the prom that will happen later in the year. If this is true of your child's school, here are some reasons to help them with a limo ride to and from the dance:

Driving safety: If your child has a vehicle, or you let them drive your vehicle when it's not in use, you may be tempted to tell them that driving to the dance will work fine for their needs. This may be true for other days, but may be a bad idea for Homecoming. If your child's team wins, the excitement may cause your son or daughter to join with a frenzied group of teens who drive around, honking their horns and causing a general nuisance. Although your teen may normally be a very safe and courteous driver, he or she may temporarily forget proper driving etiquette in their excitement. With a limo ride, your teen and his or her friends can excitedly party in the backseat on the way to and from the dance, without needing to remember to check for pedestrians or who should go first at a 4-way stop.

No alcohol: Although your child may normally be well-behaved, a celebratory mood may cause some high school students to obtain booze and offer it to others. Because underage drinking is illegal, you undoubtedly want to avoid them having anything to do with this type of partying. When your child and his or her friends are in the back of a limo, they won't be able to drink at all, let alone drink and drive. Most limo companies and their drivers take a dim view of any unauthorized alcohol, especially if possessed by anyone who is underage. As a result, you'll be able to relax knowing that your child is much less likely to have illegally imbibed before coming home.

Better knowledge of whereabouts: If your child drives to the Homecoming dance or is driven by one of his or her friends, you have no way of knowing exactly where they're going and what time they'll be back. With a limo service driving them, there are stricter rules that will be followed. A limo will pick them up and drop them off at pre-determined times. Instead of worrying about whether they'll drive across town to a new party location, you'll know that he or she will be home before their curfew. If your child isn't home by their curfew, you'll be able to call the limo company and ask what the delay is and when your child will be home.