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Answering Questions About Yatch Rentals

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There are few experiences that can be as enjoyable as spending a day on the water in a luxurious yacht. However, if you do not live particularly close to a suitable body of water, it may not make sense for you to purchase a yacht. Luckily, there are rental services that you can use so that you can enjoy the benefits of access to a yacht without needing to purchase one. For those that are not familiar with these services, the answers to the following Bahamas yacht rental questions may prove useful.

What If You Do Not Know How To Drive A Boat?

It is fairly common for individuals that are wanting to a rent a yacht to be unable to drive one. As a result, many of these rental services can provide you with a driver. Depending on the rental provider, there may be an additional fee for this service, but it can be the best option for those that lack the training or licensing needed to operate these boats on public waters.

What Happens If You Damage The Boat?

During the course of using your yacht, there is a chance that you may cause some damage to the vehicle. Whether this is due to a serious accident or simply spilling drinks on upholstery, it is important for you to be aware that you will be financially responsible for these damages. Minor damages, such as stains, can usually be deducted from the deposit for renting the boat. However, more substantial damages, such as hull fractures, will require you to either submit an insurance claim or pay out of your own pocket. As a result, you should make sure to always purchase a supplemental insurance policy from the rental company to spare you from this financial risk.

What If a Storm Forces You To Cancel?

The weather near large bodies of water can be extremely unpredictable. As a result, you may find that storms are developing on the day you are scheduled to use the yacht. To help customers that encounter these issues, there are many rental companies that offer rain check policies. Under this type of policy, you will be able to reschedule in the event the weather is too bad to safely use the boat. However, if you have already reserved the yacht from a company that does not have this type of protection, you should make sure to invest in a travel insurance policy. These policies are designed to reimburse you for the deposits or fees that you have paid for cancelled trips.