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Tips For Renting Short Term Housing For Your Bridesmaids

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If you are like many young brides-to-be, your bridesmaids may be far flung around the country. That can make the wedding week difficult, since everyone will need to fly in for all the traditional get-togethers that lead up to the big day. One way to help your bridesmaids so they can be there for spa days, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners is to rent a short-term apartment. The following tips can help you pick the perfect one.

Tip #1: Pick the right size

How many members of the bridal party will be staying in the apartment, and how well do they know each other? If everyone is great friends and comfortable with one another, you can often opt for a smaller unit with fewer bedrooms or individual beds. If your bridesmaids will be meeting for the first time, opt for extra bedrooms so everyone can have a bit more privacy.

Tip #2: Location matters

Make sure the apartment is close to both the wedding venue and local services, such as dining and shopping. If you have to choose one or the other, go with dining and shopping. You can always arrange for transportation for the wedding events, but you want to make sure everyone can get out and find what they need everyday. This is especially true if your bridesmaids flew in and they don't have personal transportation to get around town.

Tip #3: Make sure it is fully equipped

Go for a luxury short term rental so you can be assured that the unit is fully appointed with everything from furniture to linens and kitchen implements. Some bargain apartments may not have a full kitchen or they may assume the guest will bring necessary items, such as silverware or plates. The goal is to have everyone as comfortable as they would be at home so they will be relaxed and happy on your wedding day.

Tip #4: Opt for a full service unit

Full service apartments are almost like hotels. There is generally onsite housekeeping, including laundry or dry cleaning options, along with concierge services to ensure your bridal party can find what they need even when you are too busy with your wedding preparations to act as tour guide. You can also usually find fitness centers, pools, and hot tubs in a luxury rental's common facilities area.

Contact a luxury short term stay apartment complex in your area, or call around to luxury apartments to see if they offer short term stay options, so you can find the perfect place for your bridal party. To learn more, contact a company like Corporate Habitat