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FAQ About Getting A Press Release Translated

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Are you planning to send out a press release to Russian media outlets? If you don't speak or write the Russian language, you might want to hire a professional translation service. Using a free translator online might lead to your document being improperly translated. Take a look at this article for questions and answers that you might having concerning getting your press release professionally translated.

How Do Professionals Translate Documents?

It is typical for professional translating companies to have experts handle clients' documents. For instance, rather than being translated using software that can result in wrong translations, your press release will be handled by a native Russian speaker. You can depend on your results being accurate, especially if you opt for a reputable translation company.

How Fast Can Translation Be Done?

The speed at which your press release is translated will depend on the company that is hired. For instance, if there are numerous customers needing translation services, it will affect the wait time. The complexity of your press release can also affect the wait time, such as how many words are being translated.

Will the Original Document Be Returned?

Original documents are typically automatically returned without you having to ask for them back. However, you can tell the translation company that you want the document back just to make sure it is returned.

Why is Professional Translation Important?

Professional translation is important when dealing with a press release because it will play a role in whether or not the document is accepted. For instance, most media companies will only accept press releases that are written in a professional manner. If there are a lot of mistranslated words in the document, your news might not be picked up by any media companies.

What is the Estimated Price for Professional Translation?

There are a few things that will play a role in what you are charge for getting your press release translated. For instance, the length of the document and complexity of the Russian language might have an effect on the overall price. You should expect to be charged a minimum of $0.08 per word, but the price can go up to $0.40 per word. There are some translation companies that will only charge a flat rate that varies depending on the document being translated.

Get in touch with a professional translation service so your press release can be translated to the standards of Russian media companies.