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3 Tips To Remember For Your First Chartered Sailing Trip

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Sailing with a charter crew through a place like Serenity Ventures LLC gives you and your family a chance to enjoy the time spent on the water without having to worry about the small details. Before and during your trip, you want to take steps to ensure that you have the best experience possible. If this is your first time sailing with a charter crew, here are some tips to remember when interacting with the captain and crew.  

Communicate With the Captain

Before setting sail, take the time to talk to the captain. He or she is not only responsible for overseeing the crew and the maintenance of the boat, but he or she can be a source for planning adventures along the way.  

Starting the trip off with a conversation with the captain also helps to build rapport. If there is a problem along the way, you can feel comfortable talking to the captain about it. Otherwise, if you wait, it might seem as if you only feel the need to converse with the captain and his or her crew when you want to complain.  

Follow the Rules and Regulations

The captain will review the safety rules that are in place before setting sail. The rules are in place to protect you, your family, and the crew. Unfortunately, when the rules are not followed, the crew and captain are put into the uncomfortable position of correcting the travelers. As a result, there could be tension between you and your family and the crew.  

To avoid this, make sure everyone who is traveling with you is aware that the rules have to be followed. If you or your family are unsure if your actions would violate a rule, ask before acting.  

Reward the Crew

In addition to paying for the actual trip, you should also consider rewarding the crew. The crew provides many services throughout a trip, including attending to you and your family's needs. To show your appreciation, consider leaving the crew a tip. 

To show your gratitude, you could also consider treating the crew to dinner one night. If the crew is large, you can look for other ways to show your appreciation if the cost of dinner exceeds your budget.  

When you book the trip, ask about other steps you can take to ensure there are no problems along the way. As you travel more, you will learn of other ways you can get the most out of future trips.