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What To Bring With You On A Snorkeling Trip

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Don't Forget Anything

Are you going on a snorkeling trip? It would be best if you were careful not to forget anything important. To make sure you don't, use this checklist of the ten things you should always bring with you on a snorkeling trip. 

1. The snorkel 

The most important thing you need to remember when going snorkeling is to bring your snorkel. Otherwise, you'd just be swimming. The snorkel is what will allow you to breathe while checking out the sights below the surface.

If you want to have the best snorkeling experience possible, you should use a snorkel with a purge valve at the bottom. Doing so will allow you to clear the snorkel of water after diving down without having to emerge fully. 

2. Snorkel Mask

Your snorkel mask will cover your eyes and nose while you're snorkeling. Hopefully, your mask fits well and creates an air-tight seal that prevents water from penetrating it. A good mask will also have a high-quality lens that allows you to see well underwater. 

3. Fins

If you forget your fins when you go snorkeling, you'll likely overexert yourself from swimming without assistance. Overexerting yourself will result in a shorter snorkeling session (bummer). Your fins help you swim easier, so you can spend many hours snorkeling without getting worn out. 

4. A Rash Guard

If you want to avoid getting sunburnt, you should wear a rash guard to protect your skin. There's not much shade in the open water, and a sunburn can creep on quickly. It can easily ruin your trip, but a rash guard does an excellent job of protecting a large portion of your body. 

5. Sunscreen 

You should remember to bring sunscreen on your snorkeling trip to cover areas of your body that will be exposed to the sun. You should also make sure it's waterproof and safe for the environment that you'll be snorkeling in. 

6. A Towel

If you plan on eventually changing into some dry clothes, you'll want to have a towel when you go snorkeling. You can't always rely on the sun to be there to dry you off. 

7. Dry Clothes

After you finish snorkeling, you'll want to get into some dry clothes as soon as possible. Not only will it help you to warm up if you're cold, but it's much more comfortable than going about the rest of your day in a wet bathing suit. 

8. Water

You will need to bring plenty of water with you when you go snorkeling, so you don't get dehydrated. Swimming and sun exposure combined can dehydrate you quickly, so always bring a little more water than you think you'll need. 

9. First-Aid Kit

When possible, you should try to bring at least a small first-aid kit with you when you go snorkeling. If you cut yourself on some coral or get stung by a jellyfish, having a few medical supplies with you could come in handy. 

10. A Camera

You'll probably want to have a record of your snorkeling experience. Most people will bring a camera with them. There are lots of great waterproof cameras to choose from. Just remember to bring plenty of batteries and memory cards too!