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3 Reasons to Capture Dolphin Videos Over Photos

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A dolphin tour provides a memorable experience with the sole purpose of witnessing live dolphins in the ocean water. As you plan a dolphin tour charter, you probably have ideas in mind for how you want to capture memories of the trip. While pictures probably come to mind, you could get a whole lot more out of videos.

Learn why personal videos of a dolphin tour will offer a lot better content than any images you take.

1. Dolphin Sounds

When you see dolphins in person, the creatures offer a lot of interaction through your senses. A picture will just capture the sight of the dolphins, but a video can expand to the sound. Through video clips, you will hear the dolphins make noise as they splash out of the water and possibly interact with each other.

The high-pitched squeals will go through the air and many phones can pick up those sounds through video. You will also hear a lot of natural ocean sounds as waves crash and you see other creatures swim through the water.

2. Dolphin Movements

Dolphins constantly move through the water. When you try to capture a picture, you may end up with a lot of blurry moments or out-of-focus shots. If you go in the middle of the day, the bright sun reflecting off the water could make the picture focus even more of a challenge.

With a video, the wide angle will keep the action in focus and make the movements a key part of the footage you capture. Easily record videos as dolphins jump out of the water and splash back down again. If dolphins move to another side of the boat, you can easily follow along and capture more footage of the journey.

3. Dolphin Pods

Dolphins often appear in groups known as pods and can make their way right up near a boat. You may find it hard to capture the whole pod in a single picture. With video, you can tilt and rotate to capture all of the dolphins in a single clip. Not only can you capture videos of the dolphin pods, but you can include your own collection of people in the videos.

As you shoot footage of the dolphins, turn the camera upward to capture the natural reactions and excitement of the other people on board. You can see the emotions and create a video with a lot more excitement than some single snapshots.

Have your battery fully charged and ready to go the next time you look into a dolphin tour charter.