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How To Get The Best Corporate Parking Rates So You Can Save Money

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If you are a frequent traveler for work, you might want the convenience of bringing your car with you to the airport instead of taking a taxi or having someone drive you. While this can be convenient, it can be pricey over time since airport parking lots aren't always the cheapest option.

How can you get the best corporate parking rates so you can save money if you want to take your own car to the airport? Here are some tips that can help you save some money on parking.

Credit Card Rewards Points For Travelers

You might only use your credit card rewards points for other parts of your travel such as your hotel stay, restaurant dining, and even adding perks to your overall vacation. If you travel frequently for business, however, you can also use those credit card rewards points to get great discounts on corporate parking rates at the airport too.

There are certain credit cards that offer you points and rewards for parking in airport parking lots and you can use those points towards your corporate parking lot rate. You will find some of these credit cards can get you discounts for your parking if you are staying for several days. You can use those points for other parts of your travel once you earned them as well.

Parking Lots Offsite Of The Airport

While it is more convenient for a business traveler to park onsite at the airport, it can be pricey over the long term. If your business trip is going to take you away for several days or even longer, you might want to consider finding a parking spot in one of the offsite parking lots.

The offsite parking lots aren't that far from the airport itself, many in fact, just right across the street or down the block by a short walk. They tend to offer better corporate parking rates for business travelers. 

Parking Lot Rewards Memberships

While you can use your credit card reward miles or other membership programs to help you get better corporate parking rates, many on and offsite airport parking lots offer their own rewards memberships to frequent users of the lots.

If you find that you will be flying a lot for work, you can sign up for one of your preferred airport parking lots membership programs and receive points every time you park there. These points can give you discounted parking and even free parking once you have earned enough points. 

For more info about corporate parking rates, contact a local company.