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Moorage Services | A Closer Look For New Water-Traveling Tourists

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When you own a large water vessel, you may find yourself spending a great deal of time traveling from port to port in search of your next new favorite spot. Even though you may be able to park a small boat just about anywhere along the coastline, if your boat is more than just a dingy, you will have to pay for moorage services while you are anchored at a specific mooring location. Read More»

Taking A Taxi In A Big City: Important Dos And Don'ts

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Taking a taxi can be an economical way to get around a city or even to get from an airport to your actual destination when you don’t have a personal vehicle. However, being a passenger in a taxi does come with some inherent responsibilities, both in terms of etiquette and safety. Specifically, there are a few things you’ll want to do and some things to avoid doing when using a taxi service. Read More»

4 Tips For Saving Money At The Airport

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Are you going on a trip soon? Are you operating on a tight budget? One of place where you can save a lot of money is at the airport. Many people only plan for the price of the airline ticket when budgeting for a trip. However, various costs at the airport can add up quickly. You may find that you’ve blown a hole in your budget before you even get on the plane. Read More»

5 Reasons To Take The Airport Shuttle

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As you are planning your summer adventures, you consider every aspect of your travel plans. You organize schedules and analyze flight times, but have you thought about how you are going to get to the airport? You could have a friend drop you off, or you could park your car at the airport and pay a daily rate for it to sit there, unattended. However, there is a better option for getting to the airport safely and on time. Read More»

3 Wine Regions Of California You Might Want To Visit

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If you love wine, then you might enjoy taking a wine tasting trip to one of the California wine regions. California is home to many distinct wine regions. These regions are generally broken down into 4 large subsets: North Coast, Central Coast, Central Valley and South Coast. Within each are smaller regions. When you visit a wine region, you spend time visiting the different wineries within a particular area. There are more than enough wineries in each region to fill a whole vacation. Read More»